Daily Deals

Occasionally we will offer great Daily Deals!
We are pleased to offer great savings and offers through a number of Daily Deal sites. Most of these deals are offered at about 50% off our regular prices. In order to accommodate the scheduling for these deals we use an automated system that allows a certain number of reserved seats for daily deal vouchers per show. This system takes into account the demand and staffing capabilities for each day. We are not able to make special exceptions that will increase the amount of allotted seats in a show. Only the number of seats is reserved, not exact location – Purchasing these tickets does not determine seating location. We encourage all our daily deal customers to check our schedule and availability before purchasing by calling our reservations office at 844-249-7865 and mentioning that you will be purchasing daily deal tickets. All showtimes and menu options are subject to change.

My voucher is expired or is expiring soon. What are my options?
The good news is that the amount you paid never expires. We will accept your voucher for the paid amount towards the full price of one of our admission tickets. The paid value of your tickets is only valid towards the ticket option purchased and cannot be applied towards tickets using other offers, coupons or promotions. The paid value is not for use towards merchandise at the gift shop or the bar.

For example:
You purchased an Adult Daily Deal for a discounted price of $30. You did not use the Daily Deal prior to the expiration date. This full priced admission sells for $59.95 plus tax, and any applicable fees. We will apply your expired Daily Deal value of $30 towards the full price of the adult ticket ($59.95 plus tax and fees) and you will owe $35.15 when making a reservation. We accept Amex Visa, Discover and Master Card.
The above example is just one example of one daily deal promotion we have offered. Please look at your voucher to see the “promotional value” and the “retail value” of the deal.

Are there any exceptions to this policy?
There are not exceptions to this policy. We fully disclose all terms and conditions at the time of purchase through the Daily Deal Site and on our own website.
We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Thank you.