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Bachelorette Parties at Teatro Martini

bachelorette dressed up

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Looking to throw an epic bachelorette party? The pressure is on the bridesmaids to make sure that whatever you plan is fun, exciting and memorable. Instead of visiting your average bar or club, or making the trek all the way to Vegas, plan your big night out at Teatro Martini!

You’ll enjoy a five-course dinner, as an immersive, theatrical escapade unfolds around you. The show twists comedy and magic, with cirque and music to create a one-of-a-kind night that your party will never forget! Sip on delicious martinis and signature cocktails, as you enjoy an extraordinary style of live entertainment including musical numbers, performed by Teatro Martini’s famous Jewel Dancers! Your bride will be blushing as she is called on stage to be part of the comedic “burlesque” scene or to act as our magician’s assistant for his straight jacket escape. With the convenience of being in the heart of Orange County, and affordable packages perfect for your party, Teatro Martini is the premiere venue for any bachelorette!

Teatro Martini checks every box, from a fun dinner to amazing drinks, plus dancers, and the opportunity to for your bachelorette to take the infamous “Blue Ball Shot”, Teatro Martini is perfect for every bride-to-be! With packages starting at just $44 per person, plus free admission for the bachelorette*, Teatro Martini will ensure your bride has the best night ever, without breaking the bank.

No matter who you are there are some guidelines that everyone should follow to make sure that the bachelorette party isn’t just one for the books, but also a fun night for everybody involved. Below are five of the most important steps when planning her big night out.*

Make sure you know what the bride wants. During any part of a wedding, the last thing you want is an unhappy bride and the bachelorette party is no different. Before any planning starts make sure that you check in with the guest of honor and find out what she wants as well as what she wants to avoid, and then stick to it. Don’t let other party-goers distract you with ideas and complaints that go outside the bride’s core idea. Yes, we want everyone to have a good time but you’re celebrating the bride so her opinion outweighs all.

Be creative, but don’t over schedule. Once you’ve heard from the bride it’s time to let the creative part of your brain take over. Pick a theme. It can be as ridiculous as a princess party or as low key as in-home wine tasting, but whatever you choose, go all out! If it’s the princess party make sure you have all the decorations and accessories, like tiaras and big jewelry. Or if it’s wine tasting at home make sure you have a good variety of both wine and food to go along with it like cheeses and finger food. Remember that even though you want to celebrate with the bride, you don’t need to overdo it with the activities. If it’s an evening out don’t try and hit 3 places the same night and if it’s a whole weekend, make sure to give some buffer and rest time. You won’t be having any fun if you pass out on the dance floor from exhaustion.

Plan ahead! Although you don’t want the bachelorette party to be as big a party as the wedding itself, anything worth doing is worth doing well so give yourself at least three months of preparation time. There are lists to make, people to invite, supplies to buy, and reservations to confirm. Put your most organized friend in charge of getting everything together, but ideally, she’ll be able to delegate where appropriate so she isn’t overwhelmed herself. Whenever possible leave the bride out of it, she’s got a wedding to plan. This party is supposed to be her time to relax and the more preparation you do the more relaxed you can all be when the event arrives.

Be sensitive to budgets. It is customary for the participants at the bachelorette to pay for themselves and for the bride to pay for nothing, don’t forget that as you plan your event. People in their twenties may not be able to afford what people in their thirties can and everyone’s situations are different no matter how old they are. Avoid and hurt feelings and resentment by being very clear about what the evening will entail and what the expected costs will be. If possible, try and collect the money in advance. Giving enough notice will allow people to save over time and allow you to make arrangements if someone falls on hard times.

Be safe! A good bachelorette party is one where everyone is relaxed, has a great time, and gets home safe to talk about it the next morning over brunch. If you will be drinking, make sure that there is a designated driver or someone who will be able to pick you up when the festivities are over. If the budget allows you might try a limo or party bus to get you between your destinations without any hassle.

If a bachelor party is in your future, why not get drinks, dinner and a show all in one spot? Teatro Martini is the perfect dinner extravaganza for your bridal party with comedy, dancing, and some of the world’s best specialty acts all in beautiful downtown Buena Park! We even have all the extra bridal accessories, like feather boas and tiaras, to make your bride feel extra special. And if you are interested in cocktails, our specialty martinis can’t be beaten.

The bachelorette party is a special moment of bonding for your bride and her friends. No matter what you do remember to have fun and make as many memories as you can.

These steps were collected from wedding experts, party planners, and Maids of Honor from across the U.S.

*Mention code BRIDE19 at the time of the purchase. Price and complimentary bride only valid when booking 5 paying guests. Tax and applicable fees are additional. Gratuity not included, will be charged for parties of 10 or more. Not valid with any other promotions, discounts, prior purchases or group reservations. Excludes specific holidays and special engagements. Valid for shows through 12/30/19. Reservations required. Subject to availability.

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