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Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Orange County


It’s St. Patrick’s Day and the best place to celebrate is Teatro Martini! We love the Irish and the Irish love us because we’ve got everything that makes the day so fun: music, love, laughter, and drinks. They even taught us some new Irish expressions to describe the show.

• Happy Out – Happy with what’s going on. What the Irish say when they’re munching on our complimentary appetizers before the show.
• Whiskey – Irish word for water. We serve plenty of it at the bar, along with other alcohol.
• Foddered – Eaten. What happens to the food we serve from our first-class restaurant.
• Clean On – Good looking. What the Irish say about our dancing girls, the Jewels: Ruby, Sapphire, Jade, and Amber.
• Hatchet – Brilliant. What the Irish say about our singers.
• Grand – Great. Amazing. Grand. What the Irish say when our magician escaped from a straightjacket.
• Deadly – Cool. What the Irish say when our aerialist started dancing in midair.
• Gas – Funny. What the Irish said about our comedians when they took the piss out of Madame Gretta, our master of ceremonies.
• Take the Piss – Tease. Make fun of. What the comedians regretted doing to Madame Gretta when she caught them.
• Luck of the Irish – What you must have if you’re chosen to join our comedians onstage and take part in the show.
• The Craic Was 90 – An exceptionally good time. What the Irish say when they when the curtain closes.

Teatro Martini is the best adult fun you can have in the southland. Irish or not, you won’t want to be anywhere else this St. Patrick’s Day. The whole shebang is mad as a box of frogs, so leave the kids at home and spend a night with us. You’ll be delighted and excited – delira and excira, as they say in Ireland.

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